Welcome to Can Savasan's web page

Who am I?

I am a management consultant based in London with more than 4 years of international consulting experience.

What do I do?

I work with companies across a wide range of industries. I am primarily interested in solving strategic challanges of fast-moving businesses in order to achieve top line growth and bottom line improvement.

Where do I work?

I am based in London, but I have been working across the UK and various European countries. For example, I have travelled to Switzerland for 8 months as part of a major client engagement.

What is my background?

I received my M.S. degree in Engineering Management from Columbia University as a Fulbright grantee. Prior to that, I was awarded my B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University.

What else do I do?

I travel a lot, both for business and personal purposes. My primary hobbies are skiing, sailing, playing tennis, and spending time with family and friends. I speak Turkish, English, and Spanish.

How to contact me?

You may follow me on Twitter. If you are my personal contact, you may send me a request on Facebook; or if you are my business contact, you may add me to your connections on LinkedIn. For any other inquiries, you may prefer to send me a message,